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Dalkeith Press Privacy Policy

Dalkeith Press collects personal information to complete purchases and also to provide opt-in subscription mailings.

Personal information is used only by Dalkeith Press and is never shared as part of our normal business.

Our servers do not store or retain credit card numbers, expiration date, or verification numbers. This information is passed by secure connection to our credit card processor, authorize.net, and not retained in any way. Customer contact information is retained, and the last 4 digits of the credit card are retained. This information is used if needed to resolve customer service needs.

Purchase Email Addresses: Our checkout page requires an email address. This is needed for delivery of e-books. We also may need this to contact you in case of a question of problem with filling your order. We never add customer email addresses to any subscriptions (such as excerpt mailings). We also send book suggestions by email to customer email addresses. We wait 30 days between these. Suggestions are selected individualy for each customer, taking into account books already purchased. Once we run out of books to suggest, these stop. Every suggestion has an opt-out link which allows customers to select less frequent suggestions, or remove their email address from future mailings.

Subscription Email Addresses: Site visitors may also provide their email address to opt-in to receive regular emailings. These may be excerpts from a title or other information. Every mailing, and every page in the site containing an opt-in form, provides an opt-out link to a page allowing subscribers to remove their email from future mailings. Normally these opt-out requests are processed before each mailing and should take effect at that time. In addition, each opt-in form offers a support email address which subscribers can use to contact a person to deal with any problems with subscription and unsubscription.

The subscription practices used by Dalkeith Press are intended to allow customers and interested persons to start and stop subscription mailings quickly and easily. Any difficulties can be addressed by sending an email to support@dalkeithpress.com which will be received by a real person. Do not reply to excerpt or other mass mailings directly. If you need personal help, use  support@dalkeithpress.com .

Questions or concerns about privacy can be directed to support@dalkeithpress.com or (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.

November 2, 2013

This is a secure site, and we respect your privacy. You can read more about our privacy policy and our information security .
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