Telephoning Dalkeith Press from outside US/Canada   

US Telephone:  (xxx)-xxx-xxxx

Sorry, we can't offer toll free calling from outside US/Canada.

The 10 digits above are the numbers used within the US. To call, you need to know your country's international access number, and the format of the US country code which is 1. You dial the access code, the us country code, and then the 10 digits above.

We invite you to call between 9am and 11pm New York Time (this is called Eastern time or ET here, and in summer is Eastern Daylight Time, in winter is  Eastern Standard Time). A convenient web page for matching your local time to ours is the World Meeting Planner . Select New York as location 1 and select your city as location 2, and you'll be able to see what hours in your city fall within 9am - 11pm ET.

We are not a big business, and we can't answer the phone continuously, so please don't be concerned if you find our voice mail.