Dalkeith Press, Inc.
An Independent, Direct-to-reader Publisher
Located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
873 E Baltimore Pike #742
Kennett Square, PA 19348 USA
877-780-0945 (Intl Phone)
9am-11pm ET (New York Time)

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Mail Order
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order by mail?
US: Yes. Pay with a personal check or postal money order.
Canada: Yes. Pay with a personal check in $Can drawn on your Canadian bank. If the Canadian dollar is not close to 1:1 in value to the US dollar, you have to adjust your $Can payment. If you don't know how, call and we'll help.
Outside US/Canada: Only if you can get a cheque or money order in US$ that is payable by a US bank. If you can, you are good; send it. Dalkeith Press is a small company and we cannot accept cheques or money orders except in US$ or $Can.

How much will the books I want cost?
Please begin as if you want to order online. Find the books you want (you can start from the menu bar above) and "Add to Cart". Once you have all the books you want, just look at the shopping cart page. AT the top is the list of books, underneath you'll see a table of shipping costs, and the total order cost with shipping. Just choose the line for your country: US: Canada; or others. The "Total Order Cost" is what you need to send.

How do I make out the Check?
Make your check payable to Dalkeith Press.

What else do you need?
We need to know:

I'm worried about someone finding out. Can I send cash?
US customers, take your cash to the post office and purchase a postal money order, payable to Dalkeith Press. This can't be stolen, and no one will be able to find out who you are paying. If you send cash (US$), and it gets here, we'll take it. But better not to.