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Information Security on dalkeithpress.com and

Dalkeith Press uses the highest quality security to protect your personal information. You can safely provide credit card and personal information to make purchases on dalkeithpress.com without danger of that information being intercepted while in transmission, unless the NSA wants it. We can't stop them. We also take the following precautions to keep your information secure:

Secure Site

www.dalkeithpress.com is a secure site, and we use secure web pages for private information.

Purchase information, including name, address and credit card information, is transmitted from your browser to the web site by secure SSL connection. SSL connection uses 128 bit encryption which, for practical purposes, can not be decoded by hackers even with the fastest computers and best encryption cracking known. The NSA made sure they can do it, but they don't care about your purchase information. Dalkeith Press does not store credit card numbers, expiration date, or verification numbers, except that we keep the last 4 digits of the card number to help in identifying which card was used in the event of a question or refund. When a customer clicks on the "Pay Now" button on the shopping cart page during the checkout process,  information is passed by secure connection from the customer's browser to our web site, and then by secure connection from our web site to to our credit card processor, Authorize.net. The information is not retained on our servers.

Authorize.net is the largest processor of online credit card transactions in the US and they routinely process credit card data from online sales, small merchant dialup terminals, and automated retail terminals. You can read their privacy and security policies rely, and also means that your data entry will be sent back to the web site securely. If you do not see these on the Dalkeith Press shopping cart page (and the purchase confirmation page, if you complete a purchase), we would like to know. Please feel free to call (xxx)-xxx-xxxx so that we can explore and possibly correct any problem.

A Geotrust secure certificate is registered to www.dalkeithpress.com by Dalkeith Press. All secure connections, including purchases of products offered by Dalkeith Press on the tearsandhealing.com site, are carried out on www.dalkeithpress.com under the security of this certificate. Geotrust is one of several "certificate authorities" that are authorized to issue such certificates. Read more about Geotrust and certificates here.

The internet routinely transmitts email addresses in unencrypted form in normal email messages. Thus, no encryption is used when site visitors provide their email address for subscription mailing. These addresses are transmitted immediately to computers on Dalkeith Press premises behind a closed firewall.

Information Storage

We dont' keep payment information on our servers. We keep only the last 4 digits of the card used for the purchase. If Dalkeith Press' servers were compromised, no payment or credit card information could be obtained - it is not there.

Customer names, addresses and a record of items ordered is retained on a secure database on our server on Dalkeith Press premises behind a closed firewall.

Out web servers are kept up to date with current versions of web server and security software, including security updates, and comply with best practices for web server security as published my Microsoft and others. Our servers comply with the payment card industry security standards.

Except for email signups, no customer data is collected on tearsandhealing.com.

Visitor Traffic Statistics

Like any business, we are intersted in posting effective advertisments, in making sure that visitors find meaningful information when they clink on our ads, in encouraging visitors to sign up for mailings and to purchase our products. Like virtually all e-businesses, we collect anonymous information about our visitors' page views. We uses this information in aggregate, and never try to discover any visitors individual page views. We are interested in knowing, on average, how people respond to various ad or pages, such whether they leave the site or move to another page, or buy something. We never try to connect this kind of information with a particular visitor. We do not try to connect this information with personal information you may provide in signups or purchases. We look at the aggregate behavior. Traffic statistics may be collected without any indication, or you may see a small notice for "Google site stats" or another statistics service. 


Questions or concerns about information security can be directed to support@dalkeithpress.com or (xxx)-xxx-xxxx.

Nov 2, 2013

This is a secure site, and we respect your privacy. You can read more about our privacy policy and our information security .
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