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Small Storm Pack
3 Books for Ending a Long Relationship & Divorcing a Narcissist
by Richard Skerritt

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Richard Skerritt's Small Storm Pack
3 Books for Ending Long Relationships & Divorcing a Narcissist 

The Small Storm Pack helps someone facing the end of a long term relationship. It validates the emotions and decisions, explains the path by which long term relationships deteriorate, explains the irrational and abusive patterns of behavior that erupt in a relationship with a narcissist and when it is ended, gives approaches to minimize contention in divorce, and offers guidance for starting anew.

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Books in this Package (Click the cover image to go to the book's page)

ClickTitleWhat this Title brings to the package
Tears & HealingTears & Healing explains and validates the feelings, experiences, and decisions faced in an abusive relationship.
Meaning from MadnessMeaning from Madness explains the dysfunctional thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of someone with borderline, narcissistic, or sociopathic personality disorder.
Surviving the StormSurviving the Storm explains how long term relationships with narcissists deteriorate, how narcissists behave in ending relationships, and gives approaches to minimize contention in divorce.

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My Six Books on Abuse and Abusive Relationships

 Books on Abusive Relationships by Richard Skerritt 
Why They
do It

Meaning from
Madness - $20
Your Feelings
and Decisions

Tears and
Healing - $24

In Love and Loving
It - or Not! - $14
Seeing the
Big Picture

Tears & Healing
Reflections - $24

Surviving the
Storm - $24
Patterns of

The Hypervigilant
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