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We have your correct email address, but email sent to you from Dalkeith Press is being blocked by your mail system.

To limit spam, many mail systems refuse unkown mail from small mail sources like dalkeithpress.com.

By adding support@dalkeithpress.com to your address book/contacts list, you tell your mail server that you want to recieve mail from that address.

Please do these things:

  1. check your inbox and spam/junk/bulk folder one more time for the ebook(s).
  2. add support@dalkeithpress.com to your address book/contacts list.
  3. Send us an email. Please tell us:
    - your name and order number or the zip code you used on the order
    - that you checked your inbox and spam box and did not get the ebook
    - that you have added the address to your contacts (we need to know for sure you did this, so please say so)

Often we can respond very quickly and get another copy on its way. But please keep in mind, Dalkeith Press is a small business and doesn't  have someone dedicated to this task. You WILL get your book. You can call, but email requests are likely to be handled just as quickly.